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Installing MAS90 3.x workstation to Windows Vista or Windows 7 [solved]

hairpullOfficially the use of MAS 90 3.x on Windows Vista or Windows 7 is not supported by Sage.

Support for the latest Microsoft operating system was only added to version 4.1 and higher of Sage MAS 90 and 200 (review the official MAS90 and MAS200 supported platforms here).

However if you use a workaround you may be able to setup a workstation running Vista or 7.

Warning: Proceed at your own risk. We recommend only using hardware and operating systems certified by Sage and following the recommendations of Sage or your Sage Business Partner.

If you attempt to setup a workstation running Windows Vista or 7 then you may get the error:

Setup cannot extract the disk drive letter from the MAS 90 directory path \\drivesharename\mas90apps\MAS90\ – please make sure you are running workstation setup from a mapped network drive or a local drive and not a UNC path, and run workstation setup again — and then shows an UNC instead of drive letter.

The workaround?

Install workstation setup from your main MAS90 or MAS200 CD.

Insert the CD into your computer and instead of doing a full re-install of the programs click on the workstation setup icon.

Thanks to these 90Minds Members for providing this workaround:

Alnoor Cassimalnoor@callforhelp.bizhttp://www.callforhelp.biz

Kelly Sappingtonkatsix@katsixllc.nethttp://www.katsixllc.net

Bill Pfahnlbill@pfahnl.net

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  1. I get a general file transfer error.____error -1

  2. joemergens says:

    I know this is an elderly post. I have a customer with extensive mods and a need to use his old system in parallel for a while for things are resolved. It would be easier on them if they didn't have to switch between systems in the interim. Any idea on how to overcome this error:

    General File Transfer Error
    Source Directory C:\SYSTEM\SYSTEM\
    File:Windows\\System Directory Files
    Target Directory:C:\Windows\system32\
    Error: -1
    Please check your target location and try again.

    I suspect this is a file protection issue for the 'C:\windows\system32\' directory.
    I know this is an unsuported platform. Any constructive advice would be appreciated. Thanks for your input.