Bug Alert: MAS90 Backordered Quantity Disappears in v4.50 After Upgrading Receipt of Goods

One of our members, Beth Bowers – http://www.bethbowers.com, just noticed this critical bug within Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 v4.5 and the purchase order module.

She describes it as:

JUST found a BIG error in PO/IM for 4.50. If you have more than one item on a purchase order, do a receipt of goods and say “no” to strongreceive all/strong and only receive one item – the strongbackordered item qty disappears from the Qty On PO in the IM_ItemWarehouse file after updating the ROG.

Have a new client on 4.50 and was having to rebuild the sort files in PO a LOT. Now I know why and can recreate on my 4.50. Just reported to Sage and they verified the issue.


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