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Opting Out of Sage Product Enhancement Program for MAS90 or MAS200 In 3 Steps

Sage has a new program called PEP (product enhancement program) which they say anonymously collects data on the way you use the software.

If you prefer not to transmit this information (which Sage say’s may happen as often as once per day and include software serial numbers, usage of key features, etc) then you can turn it off in three easy steps.

Step One

Login as the administrator to Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200. This happens directly from the initial login. Instead of using your user login code – use the login Administrator.

Enter in the administrator password.

If you do not have the administrator password – locate the person in your company who does or contact your Sage business partner – or Sage.

Step Two

Once logged into the administrative control panel – select the very last option at the bottom of the screen:

Sage Product Enhancement Program

Change your participation in the program

Step Three

Remove the check mark from the following screen where it indicates “Participate in Program”.

If you change your mind in the future you can always reverse these changes by following the above steps and checking the “Participate in Program”.


More screenshots/instructions on opting-out of MAS90 PEP

How to modify MAS90 , MAS200 menus – plus MY TASK menus

In case you are interested – How to modify MAS menus and MY TASK menus:
To modify Menus, run the MAS utility: File / Run / sy_menu_ui
To modify MyTask Menus:
Public My Task Menus: ..MAS90\MAS_System\MNUTASKP.INI
Private My Task Menus: ..\Mas90\Launcher\Mas90Logon\WindowLogon\
Resolution ID 493260

I find this useful for identifying the path that a shortcut is pointing too.
You can also re-organize the order in which links display on the menu by changing their order in the .ini file.

This is how it was done when MAS90 3.00 first came out. I never realized it was still managed the same way until today 🙂

via: Quantera Systems


MAS90 and MAS200 Year End 2011 FAQ- Payroll W2, Tax Tables, 1099 Info

Sage have just released a guide to year end 2011 payroll and accounts payable processing. Users of version 4.2+ of MAS90/200 can view a chart outlining when 1099 printing, W-2 printing, Electronic Reporting and tax table updates (TTU) will be made available.

via: MAS90 and MAS200 2011 Year End Frequently Asked Payroll Questions

Extended Solutions & The Importance of Upgrading

If you are using a support version of MAS90 or MAS200 accounting software that is lower than 4.4 and you also have Extended Solutions – you should be making plans to upgrade soon.

Here’s why.

Sage no longer sells Extended Solutions. This has been the case since they announced their discontinuation in late 2009.

However in some cases customers on supported versions of MAS90 and MAS200 may still be using Extended Solutions if they have not yet upgraded to version 4.4.

This can cause problems if users on an older (yet still supported) version of MAS90 or MAS200 need to install a service update that breaks an older Extended Solution.

Up until April 30, 2011 Sage was providing updated versions of Extended Solutions which would be compatible with those newer service updates.

After April 30, 2011 Sage no longer provides those updates except with a Sage sales supervisor approval. In most cases that approval is granted provided the service update was required to fix a critical system issue.

Now we are hearing that Sage is about to discontinue providing any further updates to their Extended Solutions – even to customers on still supported versions of MAS 90 and MAS 200.

If you’ve been holding off upgrade – and you are using Extended Solutions – we recommend that you begin proactively planning for an upgrade to version 4.4 so as not to be caught short with an Extended Solution that might not work after you load a service update.

via: Sage Extended Solutions Updates Discontinued Soon

MAS90 Ship To Addresses Blank or Vanished From Lookup after v4.4 PU6

A few people noticed that in MAS90/200 v4.4 the Ship To Code Lookup may be BLANK in SO and SO Invoice after 4.4 PU6 (Product Update).

Sales Order was fine with PU5. Upon installing PU6, the Ship To code lookups are blank.

Different people seem to be having differing experiences.

At least one or two have found:

They (lookups) will come back if you run the update customizer to current level in custom office and if they have custom lookups run the lookup update utility in library master.

Just a heads up if anyone is installing PU6 with a large site making active use of ship to addresses. Double check the lookup functionality before you are done.

Our group is still trying to see if the customizer utility/rebuild of lookups is a universal cure with various user sites.