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What Happens if I Cancel my Sage Maintenance Plan?

What’s the downside to cancelling maintenance on Sage ERP 100 (MAS 90, MAS 200) and other Sage products?

We get this question often.  Although we aren’t condoning the policies of Sage and feel some of the rules are overly heavy handed to incent companies (or penalize them depending on how you look at it) we feel its our obligation to let you know their policy in order to make an informed decision.

  1. You will no longer receive any new releases to the Sage 100 software you are using. This includes and product updates, service pack, fixes, and minor enhancements to help maintain the performance of your software
  2. You will no longer have access to the Sage Knowledgebase, Troubleshooting and Installation guides, Sage Forums to connect with other MAS users and also get advice from Support Analysts and Resellers (by posting messages/questions), An area for feedback, suggestions or product enhancement requests, compatibility documentation, and much more
  3. You will not receive any tax tables, 941s or W2s updates (if applicable) – must be done manually.
  4. You will not be able to add additional users and/or modules unless you reinstate your maintenance plan.
  5. You will note be able to receive any On-going upgrades to your current modules as they are released. These upgrades offer significant new functionality, so you’ll always have the most current version of Sage MAS 90/200.

If you decide at a later date to reinstate your maintenance plan, you are subject to a  minimum 15% reinstatement fee on top of your renewal cost. After 90 days you will be required to pay for the months you have been off plan (up to 24 months) plus one year forward.  If you are off plan for more than 24 months, you may be required to pay a percentage of the total software cost to reinstate your maintenance plan.

If you feel that you will be switching to another solution in the next 5 years or so and aren’t likely to need more functionality, than it is a risk you can take.  We would advise you to ‘stock up’ on additional users before the current expiration however.  Say you own a 10 user license and are using 8 or 9 concurrently.  We would recommend purchasing 5 more users so you don’t get whacked with large penalties when your businesses grows faster than expected and you need more licenses in the next few years.  There is also the risk that Microsoft will release a new Operating system (say Windows 9) and you eventually won’t be able to buy a PC that runs an older version.  There is no guarantee that your current version of MAS 90 (Now Sage ERP 100) or other Sage product, will be compatible with that OS.

About the author

Mark Chinsky is Managing Director at Clients First Technology solutions, a division of Clients First Business Solutions.  Clients First markets and supports Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions likeEverSafe! as well as line of business solutions such as ERP & CRM solutions from vendors like Microsoft, SAP, Epicor and Sage.

Business Objects Interface Scripting Overview Video

How to Customize MAS 90 and MAS 200

Free Video Overview

Myron Stevenson, member of the 90minds.com consulting group had recently hosted a great overview demonstration of the MAS90 and MAS200 BOI Scripting functionality which was substantially enhanced in version 4.4.

Customize Sage MAS90 and MAS200

Why is this so important?  Because for the first time, you can replace a large portion of what previously required source code modifications in MAS 90 and MAS 200 with ‘above the source code’ functionality that a training consultant or end user can use.  These functions can’t break the underlying logic of the program and can easily be upgraded.

Free Training

Also don’t forget to check out Ask90minds.com to participate in our free Question and Answer (Q&A) site.
Watch below for this free overview training to see how easy it is to taylor MAS 90 and MAS200 to your business needs


90Minds member, Clients First holds Spring MAS90/200 User Group-Video Here

Thanks to all those who attended our Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 user group on May 20th, 2010 at our Clients First Business Solutions Holmdel New Jersey offices. We had attendees from all over come see what’s new with MAS 90 and MAS200.

Breakfast and lunch was served while attendees learned about the following topics:

  • What’s new in MAS90 and MAS200 4.4
  • Product update 4.4.1
  • Custom Office and Customizer Scripting
  • Synergistic Software’s Purchase Agent add-on
  • Valogix Inventory Replenishment Solution
  • The Clients First hosted backup solution.

The entire user group was recorded and edited for brevity below. I have indicated the time markets so you can jump to the section of interest. Please keep in mind, the video will start playing immediately, but you can’t jump to a section that hasn’t downloaded yet. If you want to be able to scroll through the whole video, start playing it, hit the pause button and wait for the progress bar to fully download the video.

If it is downloading too slowly (this is a high-definition video) due to a slow internet connection, we have a lower resolution version available here: Morewatch now

Segment Time Marker
Clients First Overview 0:00
CFBS Blog information and product update 4.4.1 2:36
What’s new in Version 4.4 Begin:
Purchase Order, Inventory Management and Bill of Materials Demo 27:30
Migration, customer number and item number expansions with related demos 42:30
New Dashboards and Business Insights Explorer Views 59:00
New Customizer and Scripting overview and demo 64:00
Purchase Agent Add-On 93:25
Offsite cloud backup solution 106:00

MAS90 and MAS200 Product Update 4.4.01 – What’s New with Pics

Thanks to Jeff Schwenk of Bottomline Software for this document.

It outlines via screenshots all of the new capabilities included in this service release of Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200.  New features include, but not limited to:

  • Enhanced searching in Cash Receipts entry.  You can even find invoices based on the serial number of an item sold on it.
  • Record wire transfers in AP Check processing (doesn’t actually do the ACH file creation though)
  • Setup Automatic Earnings Codes for employees in payroll
  • Enhanced Purchase Controls in SO entry.  Can limit customers to only be able to buy certain items for example.
  • Print Back Orders on Picking Sheets.
  • Avoid Duplicate Picking Sheet Printing
  • New Bin and Lot searching in the Inventory Module
  • New Credit Card Encryption that is part of the new PCI-DSS regulations.
  • New ability to search in Data File Display and Maintenance (Should only be used by consultants and support personnel)

This is the first drop in the plans for Sage to include normally extra charge Extended Solutions into the base product.  More should be coming over the next 2 years or so

Whats New in MAS90 + MAS200 Product Update 4.4.01

SAP Business One Versus (vs.) Sage MAS 500

We are always being asked to compare and contrast solutions. Below is a bulleted list comparing SAP Business One and Sage MAS500.

  • SAP is a Total Business Solution. Includes Accounting, Distribution, Manufacturing, Sales Force Automation & Customer Service in one integrated solution with one code base, one database with a single installation. It’s your choice as to how much or little to use, but as you use more, its available with the one price per user. Since CRM is part of the standard solution, you can use it in all areas. For example, create to-do’s and followups regarding a purchase order, a General Ledger Entry, or collections activity against an invoice.
  • MAS500 is only ERP, not CRM. You need to purchase Sage Saleslogix for CRM and then use their newly released (and still being debugged) integration. This is the 3rd integration in 4 years as the prior ones have been terrible.

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