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Vendor Member Directory

Below are our current vendor members who represent goods and services related to Sage. Each member is responsible for the delivery of their own services and 90 Minds does not make any independent verification about the capabilities of their products or services.


Vendor Members


ERP SoftwareDawn Jaeger
APS (American Payment Solutions)Credit Card Processing, Merchant SolutionsPatty Benitez
Avid Xchange
Automated Bill Payment and Accounts PayableMarc Palombo or Kimberly Bader
B to B VisionsEDI for ERPRyan Ramsey1-877-EDI-LinkWebsite
Dataself CorporationAnalytics for SMB, Business IntelligenceJoni Girardi888-910-9802Website
Dimension Funding, LLCFinancingMark Grimes949-608-2249Website
DSD, Inc.
ERP Reseller and Software DeveloperMelissa Secody800-627-9032Website
MAPADOCEDI for Sage 100, 500, ERP X3Hellene Thurston973-758-6137Website
ONE Scanco
Bar Code & Warehouse Automations for Sage ERPDevin Ambron877-722-6261 Website
Redtail Solutions
EDI for ERPJeff Franklin
or John Matera
ROI Consulting / In-Synch for Sage 100 IN-SYNCH for Sage 100 for integration to Magento, Shopify, Amazon and many other popular shopping carts and databases.Ruth Richter402-934-2223 x1Website
SageERP SoftwareA 90 Minds MemberWebsite
ScanForce SoftwareBar code scanning and mobile Warehouse & Sales Automation Solution for Sage 100 ERP.Steve Showalter800-219-5152Website
Business Intelligence & ReportingSal Corrao310-691-5300Website
VIP Integrated Payments an Electronic Payments NA Company
Credit Card Processing, Merchant SolutionsMiah Green208-503-0561Website
Website PipelineEcommerce ERP IntegrationDarcy Boerio813-965-1069Website
ERP Reseller and Software DeveloperPaul Ziliak847-416-2009Website
xTupleOpen Source ERP Software with fully integrated eCommerce Customer Web PortalWally Tonra757-461-3022Website