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Meeting Of The Minds 2012 Wraps Up In San Diego California

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The first Meeting of the Minds wraps up today in San Diego California. This two day gathering brought together 18 of our members from across the country for two days of collaboration and educational sessions.

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Day One featured a 4 hour technical training session for members to learn how to create custom scripts for Sage 100 ERP (Formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200).  Scripting uses VB Scripting to attach small portions of code to modify default Sage 100 ERP behavior. An example might be to add logic so that members of a certain security role cannot see any inventory costing information or access tabs where the costing information is contained.

Beginning with version 4.4 of Sage 100 ERP you may use something termed event scripting which unlike with older versions means you do not have to attach scripts to a button and instead can have them work based on a set of pre-defined conditions.

Other day one sessions included an overview of the new BizNet 6.0 and a comparison of BizNet to Sage MAS Intelligence.

The evening entertainment and dinner at La Jolla Strip Club  was sponsored by Sage Endorsed Partner and Document Imaging specialists Altec. Prior to their dinner Richard Simons of Altec gave a presentation about their PaperlessPlus imaging system which is an affordable (pricing starts at $6,000) way to take a step beyond the default paperless office capabilities including in Sage 100 ERP.


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Altec also graciously sponsored (actually they created the design as well) our official conference shirt.

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Day Two Featured technical sessions on Sage MAS Intelligence with Eric Anderson.

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Sage CRM with Peter Wolf, a fixed pricing and ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) training session from John Shaver and several demonstrations of competitor ERP Solutions.

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Russ Graff of Avalara provided a lunch time update on the sales tax processing solutions from   Avalara which integrates directly into Sage 100 ERP. Using zip codes to compute your sales tax? According to Russ (and he’s right) that’s not accurate enough to compute all sales taxes. The local governments are hiring auditors like there’s no tomorrow. His advice = don’t wait to be audited. They even compute sales tax by GPS coordinates!

Don’t have sales tax issues because most of your sales are for resale? Avalara offers a web based AvaTax Certs tool which tracks your exempt sale certificates.


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The conference wrapped up with a Mexican themed dinner at Jim Woodhead’s home.

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