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About Hilary Buckley

Hilary Buckley is the Manager of Content Strategy for SWK Technologies, a unique IT consulting company that doesn't think your company should have to fit in a one-size-fits-all box. We listen to YOU, then craft strategies and solutions that meet your exact business needs. To learn more about how SWK Tech helps you work smarter, please visit us at www.swktech.com, or follow us on Twitter: @SWKTECH.

Announcement: SWK Tech Sells Sage 100 Extended Solutions to DSD

Announcement- SWK Tech Sells Sage 100 Extended Solutions to DSD Business Systems - SWK TechnologiesToday, SWK Technologies announced that DSD Business Systems has purchased the SWK Sage 100 Extended Solutions library and related intellectual property for Sage 100. Read on to learn more about how this affects you as a customer or reseller.  [Read more…]

You Have Sage 100 – Do You Need EDI?

You Have Sage 100, Do You Need EDI- - SWK Technologies - MAPADOC

You have Sage 100. You know how much time and effort it saves you.

However, now that you’re considering working with large retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, or Cabela’s, software companies are coming out of the woodwork to tell you that you need EDI.

But do you?

After this article, you’ll have a better idea of how (or if) EDI can help your business.

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6 Things to Look for in an EDI System for Sage 100 ERP

6 Things to Look for in an EDI System for Sage 100 ERP - MAPADOC - 90 Minds - SWK TechnologiesGet the details on what EDI offers, figure out what really matters for business, and rank the available EDI options with a handy chart – all in this post. [Read more…]

How Can I Add EDI Capabilities to Sage 100 ERP?

How Can I Add EDI Capabilities to Sage 100 ERP - SWK Technologies - MAPADOCSo you’re running Sage 100 ERP and one of your customers requests that you start using EDI software to receive orders. What is EDI, and how can you implement it? This article explains EDI and shows just how easy it is to use with your Sage 100 ERP system.

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Have No Fear, Time and Billing Exact Is Here!

By Patty Benitez, Senior Channel Sales Executive, SWK Technologies

Have No Fear, Time & Billing Exact Is Here! - Patty Benitez - SWK Tech - TBX

TBX: Time & Billing Exact is a Web and Windows-based application that allows for fast, accurate, and easy employee time tracking and billing. Not only is TBX easy to use and an incredible time saver, it will also motivate your employees to increase their billable hours and improve their overall productivity. Register for the upcoming webinar on January 29 to learn more about TBX and see it in action. 

Can’t wait for the webinar?

If you want more information now, please contact me, Patty Benitez, at SWK Technologies. You can reach me by email at Patty.Benitez@swktech.com or by phone at (973) 251-0074.

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