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Sage 100 (fka MAS 90/200) Quick Tip from Zip: Restrict Date fields

If you’ve ever wanted to restrict any Date fields in Sage 100 (e.g., Invoice Date) so that only certain dates were allowed, there’s an easy solution.  (For example, if users are occasionally making keying errors.)

Assuming you have the Custom Office module, and depending what version of MAS 90/200 you’re running, you can go into the Advanced Field Settings for the Date field (Custom Office > Main > User-Defined Field and Table Maintenance:  then select the appropriate Module, double-click the appropriate Table > Advanced Field Settings) – and specify a Range of Values for the Validation (e.g., 20111201 through 20111231 – or whatever make sense).  And of course going forward you’ll need to edit this Validation Range as needed.

Sage MAS 90/200 Quick Tip from Zip: Searching Item Extended Descriptions

In previous versions of Sage MAS 90/200, you couldn’t simply search Item Extended Descriptions (1 option was to create a User-Defined field to additionally hold this data for being able to search via an Item lookup).  Well now it’s a snap.  At your Item lookup, click the Custom button to personalize your lookup.  In the Available Fields list, scroll down to the CI_ExtendedDescription file and add the ExtendedDescriptionText field.  That’s it!

Posted by Brett A. Zimmermanwww.brettzimmerman.com – Twitter: MAS90_Zip

Sage MAS 90/200 Quick Tip from Zip: 4.40 Upgrade – Open PO Report reconciliation

If you’ve upgraded to Sage MAS 90/200 4.40 and are having trouble reconciling the Open PO Report, be sure to take “Completed” Orders into consideration.  It appears this report in 4.30 (and likely prior versions) displays actual $$ for Completed Orders, whereas 4.40 shows $0.    

Posted by Brett A. Zimmerman – www.brettzimmerman.com – Twitter: MAS90_Zip

Sage MAS 90/200 Product Update 5 for 4.40 (detailed overview)

Courtesy of Jeff Schwenk of Bottomline Software, here is a nice detailed overview document (with screen-shots, graphics, etc.) that explains what’s included in the latest Product Update 5 (PU5) for Sage MAS 90/200.  Enjoy!

         What’s New in PU

Posted by Brett A. Zimmerman – www.brettzimmerman.com – Twitter: MAS90_Zip

Sage MAS 90/200 Quick Tip from Zip: What’s New in Sage MAS 90/200?

Are you considering upgrading your Sage MAS 90/200 system?  Well here’s a great resource which details the major functionality and enhancements incorporated in the software since v3.50.