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Why Sponsor 90 Minds? Let’s Ask the People Who Do!

I’ve been a member of 90 Minds for over four years now, and ever since my first Meeting of the Minds conference in 2014, I guess you could say I’ve become a self-appointed “evangelist” for the group. I’ve built my career around ISV companies, and I’m passionate about finding ways for them to connect with the Sage community. I recommend 90 Minds to anyone who will listen, but don’t take my word for it! Here are quotes from some of the many long-time affiliate members on why they keep coming back every year.

We’ve sponsored Meeting of the Minds at the Platinum level every year since 2014. We see tremendous value in our sponsorship and attendance. Our session always draws a big crowd because partners know this is a good opportunity to learn about the challenges their customers are facing in the warehouse and beyond, and how we can help. We get a lot of questions during MOTM about what differentiates us from our competitors, and we’re glad to be there to have those conversations! This community truly supports its affiliate members, and we’re looking forward to continuing our support for many years to come.
Steve Showalter, ScanForce

One of the things I love most about MOTM is that it’s one of the few Sage events where there are no customers. You really see partners let their hair down and speak their minds freely without worrying about what a customer may overhear, which leads to some great collaborative conversations. The 90 Minds member partners are really our bread and butter. While we do a lot of business with the larger partners, as well, it’s the small or medium sized partners like the 90 Minds members that support us and make CIMcloud great.
Eric Alexander, CIMcloud

We decided to join the 90 Minds Group, not only to stay on top of new developments in an ever-changing industry but to also further hone our skills through their presentations and training while sharing our expertise with other members. As a member of the 90 Minds Group, American Payment Solutions has formed numerous relationships – friends, mentors, respected acquaintances, and even partners. It is definitely a privilege to be part of a group of professionals who truly support and mentor each other.
Patty Benitez, American Payment Solutions

I’ll second what Patty said. On top of that, 90 Minds is the most personal community of ERP consultants I’m aware of. They know each other really well, even though they come from different VAR organizations and areas of the country. They are picky about accepting new members, and that keeps the community tight and with high quality.
Joni Girardi, DataSelf

Originally, I joined 90Minds when I was a Sage 100 consultant. It was an invaluable resource for knowledge. I was able to communicate with other members to help resolve issues, find solutions and form irreplaceable relationships within the industry. Now, as an ISV we are able to get an inside look at the industry to know what the resellers and clients need and are looking for. We are able to develop and provide solutions based on our feedback from the community. Being members of 90 Minds has truly become a fundamental part of our business.
Nicole Ronchetti, DSD Business Systems

Last year was our first Meeting of the Minds, and we were truly impressed! There is no other event where you have such a concentrated environment of Sage partners. Since our business model relies heavily on our Sage referral partnerships, we were grateful for the opportunity to see our current and potential partners in person and strengthen those relationships. It was also a good chance for us to hear Sage’s messaging and strategy around cloud and learn how we can best play a role in helping the members’ Sage customers with their cloud initiatives.
Alan Segars, Summit Hosting

If you want to learn more about opportunities to be a part of this rapidly growing group of ERP Channel Partners and Consultants, contact Moira Goggin, moira.goggin@90minds.com or affiliates@90minds.com

Acumatica Adds NexTec Group as Partner


Acumatica today announced that Sage partner NexTec Group has added Acumatica as a product offering. NexTec was recently awarded 2015 Best Business Partner for Migration by Sage at the May 2015 Sage ERP X3 sales conference in Istanbul and is ranked #29 on  Bob Scott’s  Spring 2015 Top 100 VARs with $19.48 million in revenues and 92 employees.

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Acumatica Launches Connected World Meetings


Acumatica – a secure, browser-based ERP solution – announces a series of local meetings which the company describes on their blog as:


Acumatica on the road in April and May. Roadshow events are lined up in Dallas, Chicago, Boston, and New York, and we are excited to bring demos, conversations, and the community that only happens when people passionate about building better businesses get to hang out together. That’s where the real questions come up, and also where the real problem-solving can happen, alongside others who have a deep and vital understanding of your business needs and opportunities.

We’re very thankful for the partners who believe in Acumatica solutions and who will be joining us in one or more locations. The events are coming up quickly, and we have a limited number of registrations available, so follow the registration links below to the event in your area.

We hope you join us for a day of demos, special announcements, great conversations, a chance to meet some of our amazing colleagues and partners, and maybe a prize or two.

Based on the site description these appear to be end user focused half-day sessions. Acumatica has been actively recruiting partners to help implement and provide ongoing consulting services to their growing base of SaaS and on-premises ERP users.

For more information see – Acumatica Hits the Road for Connected World and Connected Business

Acumatica Posts Conference Slides



The channel team at Acumatica have just posted the slides from their 5th annual partner conference held February 23-27, 2015 in Long Beach, CA.  The agenda included two days of conference  followed by three days of on-site training.


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