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90 Minds Affiliate Insider Series Interview with MAPADOC

Last Friday I had a great interview with Bill Gaustad, Channel Partner Manager for MAPADOC from SWK Technologies.  MAPADOC, their EDI product, integrates with Sage 100cloud (formerly known as Sage 100 ERP), Sage 300, Sage 500, Sage Enterprise (formerly known as X3), and Acumatica.  The 15-minute interview with Bill, linked below, includes a special announcement for the channel!  MAPADOC has been a long-time sponsor of 90 Minds, Meeting of The Minds, an annual event dedicated to enriching our membership’s knowledge and developing long-lasting connections in our community.

The Affiliate Insider Series is a benefit for 90 Minds members. This series provides a close-up look, from the partner/consultant perspective, on the Affiliate’s products and programs.  The Insider’s webinar, exclusive for members, is prepared and presented by a consultant member of 90 Minds.  We find the member-to-member viewpoint of working with the Affiliate increases collaboration with the consultant and Affiliate and drives the success of the product/service for the end-user.

About 90 Minds – 90 Minds Inc. is an ERP channel partner group created for member collaboration. Formalized in 2010, 90 Minds consists of over 200 members from more than 100 of the top ERP consultants and resellers in the US and Canada.  The group’s membership represents a range of ERP products including Sage, Acumatica, xTuple, SAP, NetSuite, Epicor, and Microsoft Dynamics.

90 Minds Affiliates are sponsoring members of 90 Minds and are neither endorsed nor warranted by 90 Minds, Inc.

Interview with Bill Gaustad of MAPADOC:

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90 Minds Profound Inventory Optimization Experience

The 90 Minds consulting group has been known for its technical expertise in ERP implementation, consulting and support for years.   Even more importantly, its members bring years of experience improving the operational efficiency of their customers.  One area of great focus is inventory optimization as evidenced by recent blogs from our member organizations.

If you are looking for thought leadership on Inventory Optimization look no further than recent blog posts from our members:

• Accounting Systems Incorporated offers the 5 Traits of a Great Inventory Management System
• I-Business Network provides insights on Solving Problems in Your Warehouse

If you are looking for tools and techniques to improve your efficiency, look no further than our vendor members:

• Scanforce Technology Lets You Search 1,000,000 Records in Under a Second
• Scanco can show you how Sage Mobile Apps Grow with Your Business

90 Minds has the tools and the expertise to make your company more efficient and help you grow your business.   Come back to our 90 Minds website for insights on small to mid-market ERP and related systems, access to a network of leading experts, and to expand your mind with 90 Minds!

Meeting of The Minds 2018

Each year we choose investments. Investments of time, money, and effort.  When selecting where you invest, keep the following in mind:

For years, 90 Minds has invited ERP consultants, resellers, developers, ISVs, and software publishers to gather, share, question, answer, learn, complain and explain. We call this gathering of members, Meeting of The Minds.

For two plus days, we embrace what we know, seek what is new, and challenge our perceptions. We are mindful of the importance and value of the relationships we formed to collaborate.  We celebrate renewing these relationships and forging new alliances.  All members of 90 Minds, whether they are partner or software provider are welcomed at our event sessions, networking sessions, and evening socials.  We are a community.  Working together we succeed.

This investment grows all year with online collaboration supported by our members, webinars and seminars from our partners, and troves of knowledge shared with each other. The returns are greater than any one mind.

Are you ready to invest? It’s time to make up your mind.

90 Minds Meeting of The Minds 2018
Collaboration – More Minds Are Better Than One

March 1 – 3, 2018 San Diego, California

Membership required to purchase tickets:

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90 Minds Membership Drive

More Minds Are Better Than One

When you put your mind to it, you can do a lot. When you put 100s of minds to it, the expansion of shared knowledge is breath taking!

90 Minds is an organization of ERP consultants and resellers with a shared goal…success. We collaborate every day to find answers, recommendations and help each other succeed. Our members are from firms’ small to large and together we represent hundreds if not thousands of years of experience. Nowhere else can you find the help, support and commitment to succeed every day, every hour, we are never closed.

When individual members have tough technical questions – or they just need a second opinion – they post a message to the group. Weekdays. Weeknights. Weekends. Holidays. Our 90 Minds discussions carry on virtually 24 x 7.

When members find a technical solution that might be helpful to others we provide a way to quickly share that information in real time. The benefit? Consultants find faster solutions to issues and feel more confident when they install upgrades or tackle problems. We help deliver a greatly improved customer experience from a shared depth of knowledge.

Upon acceptance, you join an existing group with highly active members sharing technical information about Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage CRM, Acumatica, Business tips and more.

This podcast is an interview of Jim Woodhead and Jerry Norman our groups President and Vice-President of 90 Minds. Learn the history and what it is like to be in 90 Minds. (interview starts about 20 minutes into the recording)

Apply for membership here.

Why Join 90 Minds…

  • 200+ Minds Sharing Solutions 24/7/365
  • Find Answers Fast
  • Member’s Only Deep Dive Workshops
  • Competitive product information
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