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90 Minds Affiliate Insider Series Interview with MAPADOC

Last Friday I had a great interview with Bill Gaustad, Channel Partner Manager for MAPADOC from SWK Technologies.  MAPADOC, their EDI product, integrates with Sage 100cloud (formerly known as Sage 100 ERP), Sage 300, Sage 500, Sage Enterprise (formerly known as X3), and Acumatica.  The 15-minute interview with Bill, linked below, includes a special announcement for the channel!  MAPADOC has been a long-time sponsor of 90 Minds, Meeting of The Minds, an annual event dedicated to enriching our membership’s knowledge and developing long-lasting connections in our community.

The Affiliate Insider Series is a benefit for 90 Minds members. This series provides a close-up look, from the partner/consultant perspective, on the Affiliate’s products and programs.  The Insider’s webinar, exclusive for members, is prepared and presented by a consultant member of 90 Minds.  We find the member-to-member viewpoint of working with the Affiliate increases collaboration with the consultant and Affiliate and drives the success of the product/service for the end-user.

About 90 Minds – 90 Minds Inc. is an ERP channel partner group created for member collaboration. Formalized in 2010, 90 Minds consists of over 200 members from more than 100 of the top ERP consultants and resellers in the US and Canada.  The group’s membership represents a range of ERP products including Sage, Acumatica, xTuple, SAP, NetSuite, Epicor, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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Interview with Bill Gaustad of MAPADOC:

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Sage 300 ERP And Anti-Virus Conflicts



90 Minds member firm Net@Work has this word of caution about a conflict they encountered between Sage 300 ERP and a popular anti-virus solutions. One of their sites reported that the particular anti-virus removed the Sage 300 Sign-on manager file (a4wsignonmanager.exe) which obviously caused problems with the startup of Sage 300 ERP. For more info read the full article – Anti-Virus Software that Conflicts with Sage 300 ERP .

Sage Inventory Advisor Demo (Recorded)

Sage Inventory Advisor (SIA) is a cloud solution that integrates with Sage ERP
systems (Sage 100, 300, 500 and ERP X3) to help companies reduce excess inventory, stock outs, and working capital.

Take a look at this 15 minute recorded demo which is quite good at jumping right in the meat of the service. What’s nice about SIA is that it works as a cloud solution which means it offloads data each night from your Sage system, performs calculations, then has a dashboard of statistics and meaningful recommendations waiting for you in the morning.

For more information review this Sage Inventory Advisor FAQ or sign up for a webinar (hosted by Sage).

Sage 300 ERP 2016 Drops Pervasive.SQL and Oracle


Sage today reiterated an announcement they made at their Sage Summit 2014 conference about future plans for Sage 300 ERP database choices. Beginning with Sage 300 ERP 2016 (being released in 2015) the company will eliminate the Pervasive.SQL and Oracle database choices leaving only Microsoft SQL Server.

According to Sage the decision to drop Pervasive.SQL support was primarily based on a lack of third party integration support while the decision to drop Oracle was about the database being too high-end for the target Sage 300 customer.

Ultimately it appears that the decision to streamline database choice can be summarized in this paragraph:


Most Sage 300 ERP sites these days involve multiple products working together such as Sage CRM and Sage HRMS. Generally people only want to work with one database system and the common one across the various products is SQL Server. Most products support a choice of databases, like Sage CRM supports Oracle and SQL Server and Sage HRMS supports FoxPro and SQL Server. To get a more uniform experience across all these products really only works well if you choose SQL Server. It’s generally nicer to have just one set up database operations for things like backup.


Read the full post here.

Sage Visual Processes Could Speed Sage ERP X3 Migrations


What youre looking at is a Visual Process  from Sage’s ERP X3 product courtesy of a blog post from Sage’s Stephen Smith. It’s essentially a visual representation of a menu. Rather than use confusing pull-down or static menu choices – Sage ERP X3 Desktop allows you to create custom tailored processes based on templates.

The “secret sauce” to this is that provided development goes as planned —  customized Visual Processes will migrate between the different Sage products (Think Sage 100 ERP –> Sage 300 ERP –> Sage 500 ERP –> Sage EPR X3).

You’ve probably seen these types of interfaces on other products such as Sage 50 (formerly Sage ERP Peachtree). Now they’re coming to the larger ERP systems and just might be the key to helping customers migrate from one Sage product to another.

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