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Sage 100 ERP Links

Formerly Sage ERP MAS90 and MAS200

Updated: Original published January 7, 2013

Below are links to helpful Sage 100 ERP (FKA Sage ERP MAS90 or MAS200) support and technical references. Most of these links require that you have a current Sage Maintenance Plan (either Silver or Gold) and a Sage login account.

Important:  Please  login to the Sage Partner or Customer portal  (http:// na.sage.com/Log-on) BEFORE clicking links below. If you have questions about creating a login to the Sage Portal (customer or partner) may be directed to Sage here.



PDF of Sage 100 ERP Supported Versions


sage support

Sage 100 ERP / Sage ERP MAS90 + MAS200 Original Program Downloads

Although Sage provides these downloads to all customers on a maintenance plan – we recommend that you do not self-install without speaking to your Sage partner. There are a number of issues regarding conversion of forms, reports and data which you should discuss prior to installing an upgrade. If you are using third party enhancements or modifications do not install any upgrades without speaking to the provider of the enhancements to ensure you have the latest version compatible with the upgrade.

Sage 100 ERP 2013 Program Download

Product Updates for Sage 100 ERP 2013 
Sage 100 ERP 2013 Release Checklist for Business Partners (12-12-12 PDF)

Sage ERP MAS90, MAS200, MAS200 SQL v4.50 Download Page

Sage 100 ERP Sage ERP MAS90 + MAS200 :  Product Updates, 2013 Tax Tables, Patches, Interim Release Disk

The 90 Minds group is not in the business of providing tax or accounting services. You agree that your access to the links below is at your own risk and you are responsible for checking that the proper tables and tax status has been configured and advised to consult your tax advisor for all financial advice. 

Sage 100 ERP Tax Table Updates (1-4-2013)
What’s New In Sage 100 ERP Tax Tables (12-17-2012 – PDF)
Sage 100 ERP 2012 Year-End Frequently Asked Questions (12-17-2012 PDF)
IRS Guidance on Withholding in 2013 (1-1-2013)
IRS Notice 1036 – Early Release Copies of the 2013 Percentage Method Tables for Income Tax Withholding (1-1-2013 PDF)

Note: After updating tax tables be sure to go to Library Master – Reports – Installed Modules and verify that the tax table is dated currently in the listing.

Sage 100 ERP IRD (2012-2013 for v4.3.0.23 +)
 List of all files changed by IRD
Questions and Answers: Additional Medicare Tax (IRS – 12-12-2012)
Questions and Answers: Reporting Employer-Sponsored Healthcare on W2 (IRS 8-4-12)
How To Report Healthcare on Sage 100 ERP Payroll Forms
– Questions and Answers on Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions Under the Affordable Care Act (IRS 1-7-2013)

Sage 100 ERP 941 Form Changes (Due Q1 2013)
Sage 100 ERP Main Support Page
Product Updates for Sage 100 ERP 2013 And Earlier

Sage 100 ERP Manuals, Guides and Publications

Sage 100 ERP Road Ahead (December 2012)
Sage 100 ERP 2013 New Features Guide (pdf)
Sage 100 ERP 2013 8 Page Feature Guide (pdf)
Top 10 Reasons To Upgrade Sage 100 ERP v4.4 to v2013 (pdf)
Sage 100 ERP Installation and System Administrator’s Guide (pdf)
Sage 100 ERP Customer Upgrade Guide (pdf)
Sage 100 ERP Credit Card Processing Conversion FAQ (pdf)
Sage 100 ERP Price Lists (partners)
Sage 100 ERP Price Lists (customers)

Sage 100 ERP File Layouts v3.70 to 4.30

 What’s New In Sage 100 ERP – Versions 3.50 through Sage 100 ERP 2013 

Sage 100 ERP 2013 Brochures and Whitepapers

Providex 7 Language Reference

PVX Plus Reference Guides

Sage 100 ERP 2013 Online Documentation 

Sage 100 ERP Support From Sage – What Is Included?
Supported Platforms For Sage 100 ERP 2013 and Earlier
Integrated Solutions Compatibility For Sage 100 ERP 2013 and Earlier

Technical Tips for Sage 100 ERP

File Layouts for Sage 100 ERP v4.10 to 4.30 (Later versions are found within your program under Sage 100 ERP Resources Tab)
Top tips for fixing Paperless Office errors

Inventory Table Changes Made in v4.5+ Which Will Require You To Rewrite Some Reports (Evernote)

Sage End User License Agreement (EULA)

If you are NOT a customer of an existing 90 Minds member and would  like to request a diagnosis of an issue from one of our consultants – click here.  Existing customers of 90 Minds members should submit their requests here.


FRX has been discontinued by Microsoft and is no longer supported by Sage. While this product may continue to work with the latest Sage 100 ERP 2013 version there is no guarantee it will continue working with future releases. We recommend you consider migrating from FRX as soon as practical.

FRX 6.7 Service Pack 11
( Needed For Sage 100 ERP 4.5+  )
How to install FRX to 64 bit operating systems (web) and our private Evernote KB Entry
FRX under 64 Bit Windows 7 or other 64 Bit OS has drill down viewer launch minimized even after applying msxml.dll registration (Evernote)
Sage FRX OEM Statement

 Sage Intelligence

Sage Intelligence Download


Credit Card Processing

Notice of Sage Discontinuation of PC Charge Support
Sage 100 ERP Credit Card Conversion FAQ (pdf)

Consulting Fee Schedule – Sage 100 ERP

It is our hope that the links we’ve compiled  will assist you in answering most common questions at absolutely no cost. If however you would like additional assistance we have consulting firms located throughout the United States with many years of experience.

Due to the volume of inquiries we are unable to provide free support or answer quick questions via email. Pricing for technical assistance is dependent upon how quickly you choose to have us assist you (always measured from the time that we receive payment).

We offer two types of fixed price services.

  • Diagnosis
  • Upgrade quote

What Is A Diagnosis?

Our response to your request for support is termed a diagnosis.  In some cases we will  correct your issue during our diagnostic session. In other cases if you have more elaborate needs (damaged data, reinstallation of programs) then upon your request we will provide you with a price to fix the issue(s).

The diagnosis provides us with information to make recommendations on how to correct your issue(s).  When we can correct the issue within the same session we will generally do so. We are unable to provide support without first performing a diagnosis.

What Is An Upgrade Quote?

In order for us to provide a firm fixed price for your Sage 100 ERP upgrade we will  connect remotely to your system and review the version used, modules, third party enhancements (if any) , extent of any custom reporting, etc. The fee we charge is for  analyzing your system so we may prepare a fixed price quote. We are unable to provide any quotes without such an analysis.

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