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Warehouse Management Solution Provider Scanco Releases Scanco Cloud for Sage 100 ERP

Scanco Cloud Highlights

90 Minds Meeting of the Minds Platinum Sponsor Scanco announces the release of Scanco Cloud.

Warehouse Management in the Cloud

Scanco Cloud, Scanco’s first Cloud platform, makes it possible for Scanco users to connect their Sage 100 warehouse management solutions to the Cloud via any iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device. With remote access to the Scanco Warehouse suite and seamless integration to Sage 100 ERP, Scanco Cloud enables users to access their warehouse at any time, from anywhere. The Cloud features true plug and play compatibility with barcode scanning attachments so users can experience full warehouse automation within their Sage 100 mobile apps. Hardware profiles are included in the application and can be configured in a few minutes.

Never “sync” again with 100% real time connection to Sage 100 and see why everyone is doing it the Scanco way.

Stay connected to your intelligent warehouse with Scanco Cloud. Seamless Sage 100 ERP integration is possible in a native iOS environment granting access to the Scanco Warehouse suite with hardware barcode scanning compatibility at your fingertips. Hardware profiles are included in the application and require mere minutes to configure. Scanco Cloud is designed around the user experience with a visually appealing interface that takes warehouse automation to a new level.

For over 20 years, Scanco has worked to provide Sage ERP users with the best in Warehouse Management technology. By offering their very own Cloud platform, Scanco places themselves far ahead of the competition and stays committed to their purpose of providing their customers with the latest in warehouse management technology.

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