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The Five People You Meet at 90 Minds Meeting of the Minds (and One You Won’t)

By Darcy Boerio, Website Pipeline

  1. Peers

Hear presentations from other Sage partners on topics that can make your practice more efficient and successful. Meet other partners that you can collaborate with throughout the year to help you better serve your customers. Considering merging with another partner? You just may find your match.

My first year at 90 Minds, I met a lot of new people. In my second year, it felt like a family reunion because I’d been keeping in touch with my new connections and partnering throughout the year. Face time at MOTM establishes the foundation for ongoing relationships.

  1. Sage Representatives.

Speaking of new faces, Sage has seen its share lately. Sage has sent several people including the VP of Channel Sales the past two years (Deshaies and Erickson), and last year Connie Certusi joined us. I don’t know who will join us from Sage this year, but I’m pretty sure there will be someone new for us to connect with!

Sage will also present a Sage 100 Road Ahead. This “Town Hall” style meeting is always a lively dialog. Let’s just say the 90 Minds members aren’t shy about sharing their feedback on the product direction.

Wondering what Sage Live is all about? MOTM has a presentation on that, too.

  1. Expert Speakers.

This year’s conference will feature a presentation by Ted Phlegar, Partner of Riebling IP. He’ll be providing legal advice on topics including:

  • Pitfalls and Landmines – Protecting Yourself (e.g., firm structure, exposure, trademarks/brand)
  • Agreements – the Good and the Bad (e.g., access level agreements, software licenses, NDA)
  • My client’s been sued, what now?
  1. ISVs and other (non-Sage) software publishers.

The ISV community is full of innovation. Think you know the latest with all the add-on products out there? You might be surprised. At Website Pipeline, we always have partners come up to us after our presentation at MOTM and say, “Wow, I didn’t know you guys did that, too!”. Who knows? That solution your biggest customer or prospect has been asking for may already be out there.

And since this is an independent organization (i.e. not hosted by Sage), every year we see more and more publishers represented. This year’s agenda includes presentations on xTuple, Acumatica, Dynamics 365, and SalesForce.

You can see a complete list of Vendor Members here: https://www.90minds.com/vendor-member-directory/

5. Friends

Not to date ourselves, but many of us have been in the ERP community since the 80’s and 90’s. Some of us have known each other since day one. MOTM gives us an opportunity to make new friends and connect with old ones. You know the old song, “…one is silver and the other gold” (kind of like Business Care!).

While it’s certainly not all fun and games, MOTM sets aside time for socializing in the form of evening events. We’re all busy (or as Ed Kless would say, “productive”). But during MOTM, members put down their devices and connect with each other.

…And the one person you won’t meet? Customers.

Unlike Sage Summit or other customer facing events, MOTM is not a user event. The content is all designed specifically for you to help you learn ideas to build, grow, and strengthen your practice. All of which will make you even more equipped to help the next time you are with your customers.

90 Minds members are dedicated to ethical and responsible consulting for their customers and software partners. This group is made up of individuals who have the best interest of their customer at heart. If that describes you, then I hope you’ll be one of the people I meet at MOTM!

Meeting Of The Minds 2014 – Wrap-Up


Our third annual group meeting – Meeting of the Minds 2014 – just wrapped up. This event was again held in California thanks to some wonderful  planning by our member Jim Woodhead of DSD Business Systems. The conference featured two days of Sage 100 ERP related sessions with a business and technical track along with general sessions. [Read more…]

Third Annual Meeting Of The Minds Announced: February 21-22, 2014 San Diego, CA



The dates for our THIRD annual Meeting of the Minds 2 DAY Conference have been announced. 90 Minds members (both fellows and associates) are making plans to attend the amazing winter conference in San Diego, CA on February 21 – 22, 2014.

Based on the amazing turnout at the last conference held in July, we are opening the meeting to all 90 Minds members of the group (Fellows FKA Full and Associates, FKA OASIS)

We are also expanding  to offer two tracks that members can attend – Technical and Business Leadership.

And finally, we are changing the venue for the meeting to a downtown San Diego location so that we can enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean front.


A GREAT event with GREAT people having a GREAT time in sunny San Diego.

90 Minds – Meeting Of The Minds 2013


The annual 90 Minds member meeting – Meeting of the Minds 2013 – has just concluded. Held over two days in San Diego, California the meeting featured technical sessions on Sage 100 ERP, Scripting, Sage CRM, Business Intelligence, Upgrading Sage 100 ERP 2013, and many more business and support related topics.

Attended by 26 members (50% more than last year’s 18 attendees)  this meeting occurs annually and is open to 90 Minds members. In addition to member sessions vendor presentations were made by Altec, Avalara, Dimension Funding and Sage.

I have to agree – best MOTM ever! (Okay, it was my first but as I told many of you, I thought it was well worth it and more than I expected.) Jim Woodhead is a very gracious event planner – and restaurant chauffer! I can take eating at an In-N-Out Burger off my bucket list. Unlike Sage Summit, where one tends to say Hi in passing or perhaps in a one-on-one brief meeting, we were able to get to know each other much, much better and exchange ideas/thoughts/concerns in a much more FOCUSED manner. Now when I see a post from one of you, I will appreciate and trust it even more.
Thanks again to all of the 90 Minds admin team who put this together