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How To Upgrade Starship Link When You Upgrade Sage 100 ERP


When you upgrade your version of Sage 100 ERP if it is also integrated to V-Techologies Starship shipping solution you may find that the Starship button suddenly disappears from your Sage 100 ERP (aka MAS90) shipping data entry. This usually only occurs with customers who’ve not upgraded since Sage switched endorsed shipping solutions.

Starting about two  years ago in February 2011 Sage stopped marketing V-Technologies Starship. This means that they no longer provide the license key needed to unlock the Starship functionality. For that key you now must contact V-Technologies directly and enroll in their licensing plan as well as have them enable your Starship Link.

Here’s the details on how you configure Starship Link 2.0 so it works with Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS90 or MAS200) after upgrading versions:


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How To Setup Starship Link 2.0 with Sage 100 ERP



Problem / Description:

How can I setup Starship Link 2.0 for Sage 100 v4.5+

The relationship between Sage and V-Technologies (publisher of Starship) has changed and V-Technologies now sells the link between Starship and Sage 100 (aka Starship Link) directly.

There are two versions to the link:

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Sage Set To Roll Out Smartlinc Shipping Solution March 26, 2012

This just in from Sage:


 New Endorsed Partner Solution: Sage 100 ERP Shipping by SmartLinc

Sage is pleased to announce Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 (becoming Sage 100 ERP) Shipping by SmartLinc will be available March 26, 2012.

SmartLinc’s Process Shipper is a complete web-based application that is tightly integrated with Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 through a jointly engineered bidirectional interface. With Process Shipper, there is no need for client software to be installed at the workstation level. This means it is easy to maintain and update and will greatly simplify remote site deployments. Sage Shipping by SmartLinc key features include:

Accessible: The Process Shipper server is installed at one location behind the customer’s firewall or at a data center, making the application accessible by anyone with privileges and a web browser.
Cost savings: A web based solution, with real-time carrier rate updates through a web service connection, allowing you to rate shop for all parcel and LTL shipments.
Improved workflow: Automatic email notification to customers for all shipments, real time address correction and address updates, international shipment document production, including Performa invoice, certificate of origin, packing list, and carrier labels, and automatically creates BOL for LTL shipments.
Flexible: Includes an easy to use custom shipping reporting module, U.S. and Canadian shipping modules, and a full feature pack module with line-item detail with packing list.