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Sage Releases Product Updates for Sage 100 ERP – New Amyuni Paperless Drivers

sage 100 product update

Sage have just released the following product updates for versions 2013 and 2014 of Sage 100 ERP:

Sage 100 ERP v2014 – Product Update 4 (10/27/14) – Download PageWhat’s New PDF
Sage 100 ERP v2013 – Product Update 8 (10/27/14) – Download PageWhat’s New PDF

The updates contain product fixes as well as an updated driver for paperless office which may help with compatibility issues some users have experienced (Printer not activated error code -30 for one).


UPDATED – READ NOT FROM SAGE ON WHY THERE ARE TWO PDF DRIVERS: Heads up on dealing with this. When PU4 is installed, it creates another version of the PDF Converter, but the old version doesn’t get deleted. So when you right click to go to Printer Properties on the Sage PDF Converter, 2 show up on the list. To delete the old one, you need to make sure they have separate ports. After changing the port, refresh and you should see each one individually. Delete the one called Sage PDF Converter and keep and change the one called Sage 100 PDF Converter. We still need to modify port and security settings as we have in the past.

The new Sage 100 PDF Converter was created for use going forward. It will not function with previous versions – so to maintain backward compatibility the Sage PDF converter is not removed. In Windows printers utilizing the same port appear together as one. As you noted you can right mouse click and modify check properties.
If you remove The “Sage PDF converter”, paperless office will no longer function for any version prior to 2013 PU4.

10/28/14 – Update 2 :

We discovered a bug with the new release. The New PDF converter driver causing error -60 on Windows 2012 servers. I guess they tested everything but that. Sage has duplicated and has sent to engineering. We’ll keep you posted on what we hear.

Use the links about to download and apply the update. As always please speak with your Sage partner prior to installing any product updates. Use of some third party integrations may require that you update those integrations at the same time.

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