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Apparel/Inventory Item Product Matrix for Sage 100 ERP


One of the trickier areas for Sage 100 ERP inventory management is the area of apparel. The inventory tracking itself is pretty straightforward until you factor in sizes and colors. Sure you can work around this by creating unique inventory item numbers for each color and size combination – but do you really want to do that?

While such a setup may be acceptable with smaller quantities of inventory – you’ll probably run into trouble updating and ever-growing inventory file which must take into account every new size and color combination.

A solution for apparel inventory tracking is SWK’s Apparel Matrix tool for Sage 100 ERP[Continue reading]

FRx is in the sunset. Discover the BizInsight Excel Suite


As you probably have heard the FRX report writer used for many years as the way to generate financial statements with Sage 100 ERP is no longer supported by the publisher as of January 2011 and Sage only supports FRX for version 4.5. This has led … [Continue reading]

Where Can I Find The File Layout (Data Dictionary) For Sage 100 ERP?


Since version 4.4 the file layouts (data dictionaries) for Sage 100 ERP have been found under the resources tab right within the Sage 100 ERP program itself. However there are  instances where you may need to access file layouts for older versions of … [Continue reading]

Sage City Year End Center Goes Live – Sage 100 ERP

Sage 100 ERP Year-End Center - Sage City

A special section of Sage City has just gone live with helpful year-end information on various Sage ERP products including Sage 100 ERP. The center offers live chat for Installation and Payroll questions. In addition you can access any needed tax … [Continue reading]

Sage Shutters Legacy Knowledgebase


We've just noticed  the legacy Sage knowledgebase (aka Infosource) has been shut down. This database was a convenient way for customers and partners to access Sage 100 ERP support information without the need to create an account or to be worried … [Continue reading]