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90 Minds – Membership is open to active Partners and Certified Consultants in good standing with their ERP publisher.   This group is not open to employees nor customers of any ERP publisher.

  • Membership in the group is not geographically exclusive/protected.
  • At this time we do not accept end users, i.e., customers.
  • No software publishers influence or endorse this collaboration.
  • Membership year is January 1 to December 31. Invoicing begins in October.



  • $350 Renewing Firm (Renewal)
  • $450 New Firm (New)


Must be under Firm Membership to purchase seats.

  • $350 New and Renewing Annual Membership (Each Consultant Seat)
  • $150 Set Up Fee (Replacement or New Consultant Seat)

Important Information

  1. This is not a replacement for support or certification.  You must be a partner or consultant in good standing with a recognized ERP publisher at all times in order to qualify for continued membership. At this time we do not admit end-users, nor contractors of partners/consultants. If you cease being a partner or consultant in good standing at any point your membership terminates automatically without any refund of fees.
  2. This is not endorsed, affiliated, sponsored or otherwise controlled, influenced, or recommended by any ERP or CRM publisher.
  3. What you are joining is only a method to easily communicate with other members. No warranty or guarantee of results or information accuracy of any type is assured or should be assumed.
  4. The total remedy for any dispute or claim of liability will not exceed the fee paid to join the group.
  5. As a group member you agree that any assistance offered by other members is accepted on an as-is basis and this group is not guaranteeing any results.
  6. Your login is unique to you. You may not share it with others in your company, customers, or any other person.
  7. You must agree to our confidentiality agreement and terms and conditions. What happens in our collaboration group stays in our collaboration group.
  8. Membership is based on one-year terms and subject to active participation each year.
  9. Dues are due each year at the current schedule as set forth by the group. Failure to pay dues timely will result in loss of access to the system without further warning.