Affiliate Sponsorship Member Benefits

Create a community for continuous collaboration

90 Minds, Inc. is a 501(c)(6) group of consultants who share technical information centered on the products which they sell and support.  The group presently has over 200 members consisting of ERP consultants, resellers, and trusted advisors in good standing.  Affiliate opportunities are available to organizations that sell through our consultant members.

Why Sponsor?

Through a year-long sponsorship commitment, organizations join 90 Minds as partners. This unique sponsorship model is designed to create a community for continuous collaboration and to benefit both sponsors and consultants/resellers year-round and our affiliate colleagues all have a seat at the table.

Online Community Connections

The 90 Minds Community – whether in person, virtual or hybrid – draws key decision-makers from all over the US to our online community forums. 90 Minds is the only community to bring together a large contingency of ERP Consultants and Resellers.  Networking with colleagues in the 90 Minds community can translate into making the best connections to impact growth, build partnerships and expand your business.

Benefits of Year-Round Sponsorship & Membership

As a year-round sponsor – and member – you will enjoy all the benefits associated with attending the Annual Conference. Annual sponsor-members receive business memberships to allow you to:

  • Participate in topic-specific discussion forums
  • Join committees and work groups to provide your company’s expert opinion on various topics via conference calls, webinars, emails, online discussions, and in-person meetings
  • Access the member database for member-to-member communication
  • Enjoy expanded virtual networking opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Affiliate Member of 90 Minds?

An Affiliate Member is a natural person or business entity providing services or products primarily for the use of our membership’s customers. Affiliate Members are non-voting members. Affiliate membership is not a 90 Minds endorsement nor warranty of any Affiliates product or service.

What is the dues period?

Dues are for a calendar year, January 1 to December 31. Renewal payment is due no later than December 23, 2022.

What exactly do I get for my affiliate membership fee?

Your affiliate membership lasts for a calendar year, or the remaining portion of a calendar if you join after January 1. Membership entitles you to purchase tickets to events, network with our members, and opportunity to purchase sponsorships for additional exposure for your company. You are also listed as an Affiliate Member at and granted access to our membership with a custom login to our Higher Logic General Group to answer member questions and offer news on your products/services/events. The new Affiliate VIP Insider Series is for non-lapsed Affiliate members with demonstrated support for 90 Minds. (See pages 1 & 3 for more details of benefits.)

Do you pro-rate the initial joiner fee?

The initial joiner fee is a one-time initiation cost and is not prorated.

Can we have a list of all your member email addresses?

Yes! We discourage overuse of broadcast email, preferring you take the time to network with our members at events and through our online communities and events. 90 Minds Affiliate members gain significant benefit by building relationships with our membership of resellers and consultants, the trusted advisors of our customers.

Will we be able to make presentations at your annual meeting or other 90 Minds events?

Each event has a list of sponsorship levels available for purchase. Some sponsorship levels include a presentation session. The cost of these varies by event and sponsorship level.

Do you offer exclusivity by type of product (i.e., only one EDI or Hosting affiliate in the group?)

No – we may accept multiple companies that offer similar types of products. In some cases, for more general products (e.g., data backup, cloud hosting) we may have consulting members providing these products as well.

Are ISVs or Sponsored Solutions of a 90 Minds Affiliates included under their membership?

No. An ISV, regardless of branding by another 90 Minds Affiliate or ERP publisher, must apply and pay for the own membership. Only Affiliates that have completed the application process and paid for their membership are eligible for 90 Minds Affiliate benefits, including the purchase of tickets to events, sponsorships, and attendance at any 90 Minds function.

When Is Payment Due?

Please email the completed application to or Upon application approval, we will send an invoice. Full payment is due within 10 days invoice date.

What are the 90 Minds Affiliate logo guidelines?

The 90 Minds Affiliate logo is for the use of active Affiliates in good standing with 90 Minds. Never modify the 90 Minds Logo except to resize proportionally as needed. 90 Minds Affiliate membership is not an endorsement nor warranty of any product or service. All logo usage, branding of Affiliate membership, and any communication referencing 90 Minds Affiliate membership is subject to review and approval by 90 Minds, Inc.

I still have questions – whom can I contact?

You can email or or if you prefer, you can call call 562-665-1241