About us

More Minds Are Better Than One

When you put your mind to it, you can do a lot. When you put 100s of minds to it, the expansion of knowledge is breathtaking!

90 Minds is an organization of ERP consultants and resellers with a shared goal…success. We collaborate every day to find answers, recommendations and help each other succeed. Our members are from firms small to large, and together we represent hundreds if not thousands of years of experience. Nowhere else can consultants and resellers find the help, support, and commitment to succeed every day, every hour, we are never closed.

For Consultants and Resellers – Why Join 90 Minds?

When individual members have technical questions or need a recommendation on a solution – they post a message to the group. Weekdays. Weeknights. Weekends. Holidays. Our 90 Minds discussions carry on virtually 24 x 7.

We expand minds with member-only webinars and live-presentations at our annual Meeting of The Minds. Our education events are directed to consultants, not end-users.

Upon acceptance, you join an existing group with highly active members sharing technical information about ERP software, ISV solutions, and expanding their offering with business tips, strategies, and more.

Membership is open to resellers and consultants in good standing with their ERP publishers. We also have a limited number of ISV/Vendor Memberships.

Consultants vs Resellers

Consultants are professionals who help organizations implement, configure, and optimize ERP software systems. ERP resellers, on the other hand, are companies or individuals who sell ERP software systems to organizations. They are responsible for marketing, selling, and supporting the software to clients. ERP resellers may also provide implementation and consulting services, or they may partner with third-party consultants to deliver these services to their clients.

For End Users – Why Partner With a “Mind”?

At this time, we do not accept applications for membership from end-users, i.e., customers, however, ERP users can still benefit from our group’s knowledge by choosing to partner with a 90 Minds member.

When consultants find the right solutions fast, we help deliver a significantly improved customer experience from a shared depth of knowledge. When you need the best ERP experience, you’ll find it with a Mind.

Through the community, 90 Minds members have access to a deep pool of technical resources to help them support your ERP and ISV solutions. When you partner with one of our members, you get access to the minds of all of them!

Our group also has frequent interaction with the software publishers, so we’re able to not only hear about their plans in advance so we can better plan for you, but we also share feedback from customers like you with them, as our group’s opinions are highly respected among the software publishers.