A member-only community for ERP consultants and resellers

Welcome to 90 Minds

A member-only community for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) consultants and resellers. We expand minds with member-only webinars and live-presentations at our annual Meeting of The Minds. Our education events are directed to consultants, not end-users.

Upon acceptance, you join an existing group with highly active members sharing technical information about ERP software, ISV solutions, and expanding their offering with business tips, strategies, and more.

Membership is open to resellers and consultants in good standing with their ERP publishers. We also have a limited number of ISV/Vendor Memberships.

Who is really behind 90 Minds?

Images above are from our annual Meeting of the Minds Event

Why Join 90 Minds?


With like-minded Consultants


Part Learn, Part Network, All Fun


Expand yourself, and your team


Continuous Learning

Thank you to our Affiliate Sponsors

Through a year-long sponsorship commitment, organizations join 90 Minds as partners. This unique sponsorship model is designed to create a community for continuous collaboration and to benefit both sponsors and consultants/resellers year-round and our affiliate colleagues all have a seat at the table.