Gary Feldman


Gary has over three decades of professional experience helping companies grow their business and create efficiency by increasing sales and streamlining business processes through technology. Using process redesign and re-engineering techniques aligned to cloud and other technology, Gary leads digital transformation and continuous improvement journeys for distributors, discrete goods and high-tech manufacturers and professional services clients.

A pioneer in the Cloud Services market, formed I-Business Network in 1999 as an outsourced application hosting service focusing on mid-market ERP systems. Landed first hosting agreement with Sage Software (State of the Art), Advanced Software Development Company and SAP Americas (for SAP Business One) allowing I-BN to offer these products in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Prior to forming I-BN, I was a CPA with BDO Seidman and started consulting practices for Eisner & Lubin, CPAs Miami office and Windham Brannon, CPA before joining Accenture.

Gary is a partnering evangelist, actively promoting co-opetition and efficiency within services organizations. An active member of several consortia including the 90 Minds Group and the Information Technology Alliance (ITA). By networking with technology and industry experts along with local practitioners within the ERP Consulting community, I-BN now goes to market with a “Network” of partners using a common framework for service delivery. The “Network” shares intellectual property with member organizations who seek to make the sum greater than its parts.