90 Minds Elects Michelle Taylor and Alnoor Cassim to the 2022 Board of Directors


Hello, 90 Minds Community!

Earlier this spring, members of 90 Minds took part in elections for our Board of Directors. We can report a really strong turnout in over 40% of the membership voted. Thank you to everyone that took the time to submit their votes.

The results are now in! We look forward to welcoming Michelle Taylor (Dataself) and Alnoor Cassim (ASI Focus) to our board in 2022. They are replacing long term board members, Jim Woodhead and Jerry Norman.

New Board of Directors

Michelle Taylor – Dataself (Treasurer)

While pursuing a programming degree, I figured out I didn’t want to code for a living. So, during my many years of college, I began working in the accounting, banking, and real estate industries. After completing my programming and accounting degrees, I took a year off and completed my MBA, then began my dream job. I knew I wanted to work on accounting systems in high school – I first held a $500 bill when helping my grandmother count money at her department store bookkeeping job, as a very small person. As my passion for counting coins grew, along with my knowledge of debits and credits, I wanted to help folks with the state of their business. As that passion grew, I found that all of that data could tell those decision-makers so much more. So, after many years of accounting and nearly 20 years as an ERP consultant, I’m now going from being a numbers-nerd, to learning how to be a data-geek.

Alnoor Cassim – ASI Focus (Member At-Large)

Alnoor is a former 15-year Sage employee who worked at the mothership in Irvine, CA primarily supporting the Sage 100 product line. While currently a full-time contract developer with ASI, he has been an independent contractor and/or employee for different partner firms for the last 12 years primarily doing Sage 100 development, mgmt of development teams, technical consulting, and training. He is very well known and respected in the Sage partner community as the very helpful technical solutions guy, providing both consulting and development-related under-the-hood insights. He is also been a member of 90 Minds since its founding year and has participated in every single MotM conference as a presenter and/or pre-session trainer. He has also been involved in the past 90 Minds committees and has significantly contributed/posted on the Higher Logic and SocialCast platforms.

The following Board of Directors remain in the following officer roles:

Kate Krueger – President

Robert Wood – Vice President

Karen O’Lane – Secretary

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at anne.sawyer@90minds.com

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