IN-SYNCH®: A Highly Recommended, Reliable and Flexible Sage 100 Integration Solution

Do you have customers that utilize an on-line webstore, marketplace, warehouse management, CRM or other solution that has created an abundance of additional work for the accounting and order processing team? We often see results of successful automation in one department creates the need for automation for the finance department. Issues like finding that they are oversold on their website because it does not have updated inventory availability, a large number of orders to enter and mounting manual errors eating into profits.

ROI Can Help!

Using the powerful, Sage 100 installed IN-SYNCH application, the team at ROI can connect to just about any solution for real-time, bi-directional data synchronization. The automation provides highly secure and lightning-fast movement of data without user intervention. IN-SYNCH increases your customers’ profitability and efficiency significantly so they can focus on what they do best.

ROI can provide turn-key projects for ecommerce integration to all the popular ecommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Adobe Commerce, as well as marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart and custom ecommerce platforms. Since the application is installed inside of Sage 100, the solution can be configured to the business workflow. Your client is not served up a “one size fits all” integration that can be frustrating to nearly impossible to adjust around; instead, they will receive the level of synchronization that is required by their processes.

For clients that have their own development resources available, ROI offers “do it yourself” solutions. Using the ROI Connector API, developers can build new programmatic interactions between their various applications and Sage 100. The solution exposes a series of endpoints that allow developers to connect with Sage 100 without needing to have extensive Sage 100 knowledge.

It is very common for manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers to utilize more than one company in Sage 100. The ROI intercompany solution automates transactions within Sage. Automated intercompany workflows eliminate the inefficiencies caused by manual posting.

We Work as a Team with 90Minds Members

For 25 years and counting, ROI has been on a mission to assist Sage partners with maximizing customers’ Sage 100 investment with integration. As Sage Tech Partners and one of the first to become a 90Minds member, we work with Sage 100 partners and your customers to provide time-saving Sage 100 automation solutions. Contact ROI to find out how IN-SYNCH can improve profitability through real-time data synchronization between Sage 100 and any third-party system and stay tuned for the announcement of the upcoming 90Minds partner webinar!

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